The 19 Biggest Challenges Marketers Face in 2020

We asked expert B2C marketers about the biggest challenges brands will face in 2020, and what to do to get ahead of the curve.

The 19 Biggest Challenges Marketers Face in 2020

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  • Insight from 18 marketing professionals on the challenges they’re facing in 2020
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  • The biggest pain points for B2C brands right now, featuring everything from political uncertainty to brand measurement
  • How to make more data-driven decisions in 2020

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What marketing challenges will you face in 2020? While a New Year brings optimism, change can bring challenges. Advancing technology might mean increased opportunities for brands but also new hoops for them to jump through.

To understand the challenges faced by marketing managers as we go into the new year, we asked 18 marketers to tell us their top concerns. Current marketing issues range from coping with (and making the most of) vast amounts of data, through to the hold that retail giants like Amazon have over the market.

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