Finding insights in your data using AI

3 years ago

Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus, Director of Data Science & Analytics, discusses how AI and the Attest platform can help you find deeper insights in your data.

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Finding insight among your survey data can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack — especially when dealing with large amounts of data. Surveys that consist of many questions and different types of answers, such as multiple choice, open text, NPS and ranking, can be particularly challenging to analyse. 

Automated approaches for assisting with finding insights do exist but they often require a significant amount of tinkering and domain expertise to be useful. Because of this, many companies turn to agencies for their quantitative analysis.

At Attest, we believe in empowering marketers to uncover their own insights, which is why we’ve launched an Automated Insights report. This download includes tools that automatically find interesting insights in your survey data. It also finds themes and sentiments expressed in open text responses, saving you time codifying answers so you can spot trends more quickly.

Join Director of Data Science & Analytics, Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus, to find out more about how AI and the Attest platform can help you find deeper insights in your data.

You will:

  • Learn about automated approaches for discovering insights in data and the challenges of traditional approaches
  • Discover how Attest has added automation to the process of finding insights and how this can improve and speed up survey analysis

Our speaker

Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus

Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus

Director of Data Science & Analytics at Attest

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