Webinar: How to Measure your Brand Health

4 years ago

Join our crash course on brand tracking in partnership with The Copy Club.

We are all feeling more and more pressure to report the impact of everything we do. For offline businesses, data is difficult to come by and the story can be obscure, and for online businesses, digital conversion doesn’t tell the whole story.

Brand health tracking shows you the big picture: who has heard of your brand, are they thinking about buying it, what do they think of you vs. your competition. And the best part is that it can tell you how your brand is faring over time.

It’s traditionally been prohibitively expensive but we’re re-writing that on a global scale.

Join our insightful crash course webinar on all things brand tracking in partnership with The Copy Club, we will cover:

  • How to set up a brand tracker
  • How often to run it
  • How to choose your audience
  • The questions to ask
  • What to do with the data

This is a unique chance to learn a new skill and to get confident with your reporting.

Our speakers

Vanessa West

Vanessa West

Client Experience Executive - ACE at Attest

Fabiola Da Silva

Fabiola Da Silva

Senior Sales Development Representative at Attest

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