5 ways to stay ahead in F&B with consumer insights

10 months ago

F&B Marketers—you’re in a new world. Inflation is cooling, now at its lowest rate since March 2021, according to the CPI – yet Americans are still struggling to put a meal on the table.

Relying on falling inflation alone to correct the market is risky, and it’s possible that people’s eating behaviors will become the norm. In order to remain a competitive brand of choice, understanding how your consumers are feeling during this period of uncertainty is essential.

Join Attest’s Senior Account Executive, Jamie Kelton, Research Lead Stephanie Rand, and Logan Soraci, Senior Brand Manager – Innovation at Egglife Foods as they discuss:

  • 5 key trends in how US consumers are shopping for food, including preferences on cooking and dining out.
  • Simple and effective research techniques to gather the consumer insight most relevant to your objectives.
  • Practical tips from Egglife Foods on how they’re using consumer data to refine their value prop and keep a prominent store presence.

If you want to gain insight into Americans’ grocery shopping habits, and learn how they’re eating both inside and outside of the home—alongside actionable tips to help you make the most of the trends, this is the session for you.

Date & Time

Wed, 4 Oct 2023
Event start time: 3pm - 3:45pm EDT

Our speakers

Jamie Kelton

Jamie Kelton

Senior Account Executive at Attest

Stephanie Rand

Stephanie Rand

Research Lead at Attest

Logan Soraci

Logan Soraci

Senior Brand Manager - Innovation at Egglife Foods

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