Product spotlight: bespoke brand tracking

One of our ACE team members, Kat, talks us through the in-platform features which help you build and understand your own bespoke brand tracking surveys.

Brand tracking is a crucial activity for brands of all sizes. From the smallest startups through to the largest incumbents, understanding your brand health and how that shifts over time is critical knowledge. A regular view of the consumer perceptions in your market means you can keep an eye on the competition, and stay one step ahead of both upwards and downward trends. 

There are tons of brand health metrics to choose from. For some brands, advocacy and net promoter scores (NPS) are their north star, while for others, brand awareness is critical to know. For others still, purchase intent might be their main KPI. Whichever brand health metrics matter most to you, a bespoke brand tracker can regularly monitor those key measures. This keeps you informed about which brand marketing activities are working, and where your focus needs to be to win in the market. 

Attest is your ally in building and understanding your bespoke brand trackers. In this Product spotlight, Kat Skitch – one of our Attest customer expertise team members – talks through the in-platform functionality and brand new features which make brand tracking in multiple markets and across time easy with Attest. 

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What’s key to building and interpreting a bespoke brand tracker with Attest?

  1. When it comes to building the brand tracker itself, Attest avoids the off-the-shelf approach in favour of a totally bespoke experience. Each brand is unique, and what matters to your brand and in your sector might not matter to others. As such, you can build your brand tracking survey from the ground up using our intuitive survey builder. Ask questions about your sector, your brand, your product, your competitors and their products, or anything else that you need a steer from your target consumers on. The flexibility continues after the first dip, too, as you can add, remove or edit questions in future surveys to stay ahead of new competitors, or ask about specific marketing activities. We know your needs change over time, so your brand tracker can too.
  2. To make the survey building process as easy as possible, you can use our Net promoter score question type to really easily gather advocacy scores for your brand and your competitors. Using this question type automatically calculates NPS in the results dashboard. Then you can use the answer and demographic filters to segment the results by your promoters or detractors, and find the demographic profile of those segments, for a more rounded understanding of the scores.
  3. A brand tracker needs to recur over time for you to understand how your brand activities are positively impacting the metrics, and to spot downward trends early enough to prevent them becoming a problem. There are two ways you can set your survey to recur:
    1. You can make use of the recurring surveys feature, by selecting one of the popular timelines from the drop down menu in the review tab of the survey editor. Choose from 1, 3 or 6 month intervals, and the next survey will automatically be populated as a draft in your dashboard, which you can edit before it automatically launches at the chosen interval. 
    2. Alternatively, if you need a different timeline for your brand tracker, or you don’t want to send it at a regular interval, you can easily Duplicate & edit your survey, and schedule it to launch in the future. Once your survey is scheduled it can’t be edited, though, so the easiest way to set a recurring survey with the flexibility to edit the content, is to use the recurring surveys feature.
  4. Check out the automated insights report in your results dashboard for machine-learning generated insights that help you understand the most important results at a single glance and before you dig further into the data. One particularly important insight in your brand tracker is the brand analysis, which codifies open text answers and gives you instant results from your unprompted brand awareness question. And secondly the driver analysis, which shows the attributes which drive brand activity in your category, and highlights whether those attributes are strengths or weaknesses for each of the brands included in your survey.
  5. Join the private beta programme which offers our new results comparison dashboards to merge multiple brand tracking dips from a single market, and generate charts to see changes over time. We’d love for those running brand trackers with Attest to join the beta programme, and give feedback on how we can continue to improve the experience of comparing results from multiple brand tracking dips!
  6. And finally, our in-house research experts, the Attest customer expertise team, have built a customisable template to help you get started with your own brand tracker. For inspiration on how to structure your brand tracker, or to customise the template for your own brand and sector, you can add the template to your dashboard via the templates page on our website.

However you decide to get started with brand tracking at Attest, whether you opt to use and edit our brand tracking survey template, or start from scratch yourself, our team is here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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The Experts’ Guide to Brand Tracking

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