Employee Spotlight: Jordan Whyte

Here we meet Jordan, Senior Sales Development Representative as part of our Employee Spotlight series.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jordan and I’m a Senior Sales Development Representative at Attest.

My journey at Attest began in October of 2022. After passing my 3 month probation and working hard for another 6 months hitting and exceeding targets, I was promoted to a Senior SDR.

My role mostly involves business development – looking for brands and companies who can benefit from the Attest tool and our offering. The role, like most sales positions, consists of calling, emailing and building relationships with prospects. As a Senior you are given more responsibility like supporting your manager with training and helping new starters whether it’s doing role plays, conducting email reviews or simply checking in with the team. I uphold my day-to-day responsibilities and activities while leading by example to the team and consistently hitting target.

What did you do before you joined Attest?

Before joining Attest I worked in recruitment. I was a senior consultant for an in-house recruitment team for an international financial advisory firm. It was a very easy translation for me to go from recruitment to sales as many of the same soft skills are used, like communication, prospecting, objection handling and similar sales cycles. There are comparable skills that can be used across a range of roles i.e recruitment, customer success, sales etc. If you are willing to work hard enough in a meritocratic role, then you will reap the benefits.

Why did you decide to join Attest?

My last company had fantastic training but I was looking for a more positive culture. Once I decided to make the switch to sales, I was confident in my ability so the most important thing to me was culture. There were glowing reviews from Glassdoor but what really made the difference for me was reaching out to one of the sales team that was already there and picking his brain. I’d encourage any candidates who make it to the latter stages of the process to do this!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for a role at Attest?

Do it! Fantastic company with a killer product and an incredible team.

What is the best part of your job?

Without sounding too cheesy, the best part of my role is my team. Honestly there is a lot to be said about the people you work with as it truly makes all the difference.

What is your favourite Attest benefit and why?

I spend my wellness allowance every month on my gym membership so I would probably say that. Free office snacks are great too 😉

How would you sum up our team culture?

There is a great buzz when we have our office days and we keep the same energy when working remotely. Our socials are always the best of fun and it’s easy to say I work with my mates rather than work colleagues. As an organisation I’ve never felt not welcome or a part of the wider team and this has been the case since my first day at Attest.

What piece of Attest consumer research has most surprised you and why?

My favourite Attest case study would be Little Moons because I remember them going viral when Covid first hit and TikTok was super popular. I didn’t realise how important it is for brands to stay on top of trends. Before joining Attest and the research sector I would have assumed one bit of viral success is all a brand needed to stay relevant however from the Little Moons case study its clearly not the case. Their challenge was turning this viral success into long term growth and what they realised is… actually find the full story here, it’s super interesting!

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