Employee Spotlight: Filip Modrzejewski

This is the first in our new Employee Spotlight blog series where we ask Attesters all about themselves, their roles and what they love about working at Attest.

We’re kicking off by meeting Engineering Manager Filip Modrzejewski.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Filip, Engineering Manager at Attest working with the Audience and Accounts team – we focus on fulfilment of surveys, external integrations, authentication, subscriptions, payments and support internal tools for our Commercial Teams.

What did you do before you joined Attest?

I worked in a variety of companies both as a Software Engineer and Engineering Manager. Some of the areas I was involved in included ESG topics, FinTechs, Digital Identities or Aviation-related industries. A few years ago I decided to take a pivot in my career towards Management and I enjoy it very much!

Aviation and Aerial Photography were always my hobbies and passion, so I’m trying to always pursue it one level further. Sometimes flying in small General Aviation aircraft and sometimes in jets with the military (like the one in the picture 👇 ), gives a great blend of adrenaline and amazing time spend with like-minded people. Same as in Attest!

Why did you decide to join Attest?

There were a couple of things that convinced me to join Attest – first of all people that I’ve met during the interview process seemed very aligned with my vision of work and world, as well as were very collaborative, positive and open to become not only good colleagues, but also friends.

Secondly, consumer research was an industry that was little known to me, but presented interesting challenges and opportunities to create a lot of ground-breaking solutions to make the research easier.

Finally, the design aspect and user interface of Attest’s website and platform – when I saw modern and clean graphics, I knew that’s the company I wanted to work for!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for a role at Attest?

Talk to interviewers and ask them questions you’re unsure about – I’m doing quite a lot of interviews here with a number of colleagues and we’re always more than happy to answer any questions about work atmosphere, culture, tech stack or the role itself.

I would also recommend meeting us in person and doing an interview in our office, to simply have more interactions and also talk to us with a coffee, outside the regular interview process.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with like-minded people and having a real impact on the product. Attest gives a lot of autonomy to teams, engineers and managers, so that we could solve customer’s problems and deliver the best solution.

We’re not bound by a lot of unnecessary rigorous processes and we can quickly see the result of our work in live action, with valuable feedback from our internal and external users. Seeing a direct impact of my (and my team’s) actions is a force that motivates me everyday.

What is your favourite Attest benefit and why?

Flexible working and wellbeing support – being able to adjust my working hours to start earlier (when I’m most productive) is a fantastic benefit that allows me to not only be more productive at work, but also help me with time and work-life balance management.

Similarly, knowing the fact that I can go for a walk during working hours to refresh myself or think about any specific topics while walking around London is very helpful.

I also love that Attest supports everyone’s wellbeing through confidential coaching sessions with an independent provider, promoting good work-life balance as well as additional budget for everyone to help them relax in the way that works best for them.

How would you sum up our team culture?

Open and collaborative – we keep a flat structure where everyone’s opinion matters and everyone can speak to everyone (including people from C-Suite or Senior Leadership) with their ideas and solutions.

People working at Attest are very friendly and I have never encountered a feeling of awkwardness or feeling like I’m asking stupid questions (even when I indeed did), always being ready to help with any topics, even outside their immediate remit.

What is your favourite product feature and why?

My favourite product feature are Survey Templates – very well crafted by experts in research that allow our customers to quickly run a professional research, ask the right questions and customise it to their brand. With support of these, it’s so easy to start the research with Attest!

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