Attest’s Fertility Treatment and Family Support policy

At Attest we have a Fertility Treatment and and Family Support Policy to help support Attesters who may require time off work (including accompanying their partners, surrogate, or co-parent) for any treatments or procedures related to family planning or their reproductive health

In a nutshell, if you are having the fertility treatment yourself, you are entitled to 5 days paid leave per cycle. If you wish to support your partner during fertility treatment, you are entitled to 2 days paid leave per cycle. The number of cycles is not restricted.

You’re also eligible for 5 days paid leave for any other aspects of reproductive health and family planning outside of fertility treatment.

Who is eligible for it?

Our Fertility Treatment and and Family Support Policy is available to all Attesters globally. The policy applies from day one.

How does it work?

We encourage Attesters to speak to their manager as soon as they find out that treatment has been approved to give as much notice of the leave as possible. If the Attester does not feel comfortable discussing with their manager, then the People Team is on hand to offer support.

You’llll log the leave into our HRIS (Human Resources Information System) under the medical leave category. And you’ll be shown as on leave but the type of leave will not be visible to the wider organisation.

Should you require additional leave, you can take additional days as part of Attest’s sick leave policy which covers physical or mental health concerns.

Why is this important to Attest?

At Attest we believe that fertility is an important area of health and that employees should be supported, just like they should be supported with other physical or mental health ailments.

We understand that undergoing fertility treatment is a very personal and potentially difficult time. We hope that by being explicit in our support, it opens up the topic as something to talk about openly and encourages people to share their experience.

Support with fertility journeys is part of how we aim to support Attest people through all of life’s stages and challenges. We know (and I know, from personal experience) that fertility and reproductive health are hard topics to handle, often even more so at work. We want to help this to be a topic where it’s easy (or at least easier) to talk, navigate and take action – support from the company can help you with new challenges and at the moments that matter most.

Jeremy King, Founder and CEO at Attest

Any further questions?

Here we’ve given you an overview of the key areas of our Fertility Treatment and Family Support Policy. The policy itself covers all eventualities.

Should you have a question, please reach out to [email protected]. And please rest assured that your enquiry will be treated in the utmost confidence.

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