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“I love working with Warner Bros. Discovery. They’re a hugely innovative brand and constantly looking for the next big opportunity.”

Natasha Hutchinson, Principal Customer Success Manager, Attest

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We ran a multi-market creative testing survey for House of the Dragon

A representative sample of 1,000 consumers – evenly split across the UK, US India and Brazil – responded within 1 week. We’ve listed some key findings below – you can also view the full survey to dig into the demographics and uncover more on how you can wow your viewers with the most compelling creative.


Of Brazilian consumers loved this creative, compared to 44.2% of US consumers.


Is the age bracket with the strongest recall that HBO ran this creative


Of consumers are very likely to sign up to Max if it was available to them after seeing this creative. Consumers in the UK need a bit more tempting, they’re least likely to want to sign up.

How we’re already helping Warner Bros. Discovery win

Natasha and Elliot work with various teams on a range of insight driven projects. Take a look on the right at what’s been launched!

Creative testing

Use case

Ensuring adverts resonate with audiences is a key business objective, testing out different versions of creative helps the team to know whats hitting the mark.

Title testing

Use case

A look into which names fit a show’s description best and are most appealing.

Talent tracking

Use case

Testing out recognition and perception of celebrities to consider who would be best placed to host or narrate upcoming shows.

Key features we know you’ll love

Why should you join the teams already using Attest, or explore some new projects? Here’s a few key features that are already helping Warner Bros. Discovery understand more about consumers than ever before.


Identify key differences between demographics, questions and survey waves with custom Crosstabs. And easily spot important results with the statistical significance feature.

Exclusive research support

The Customer Research Team is our in-house team of research, strategy and analytics consultants that help you enhance and action your findings.

Their dedication and knowledge ensure they can advise you on using Attest as effectively as possible.


Multi-market research

Send identical surveys in one go to multiple audiences in multiple languages. And you can easily compare your results side-by-side in your dashboard.

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