How JCDecaux proved business travel was back on the agenda

JCDecaux’s OneWorld team used consumer insights to convince key clients to invest in airport advertising.

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Outdoor advertising giant JCDecaux believed 2023 would see the return of business travel; they just needed solid stats to support their claims (and convince advertisers). Their international division, OneWorld, wanted a flexible, affordable way to survey business travellers in ten global markets. 

Our first challenge was to gather OOH consumers’ data, and Attest offers the possibility to conduct global studies for a decent budget. We quickly managed to get a sample of business travellers and key decision makers.

Jim Dores, International Marketing Manager, JCDecaux OneWorld


JCDecaux’s OneWorld team used Attest for two key reasons: to gauge business travel intent and to understand how travellers interact with and perceive ads in airports and other transport hubs. 

Key statistics emerged to support JCDecaux’s hypothesis, including an 18% and 16% increase in domestic and international business travel for 2023. Plus, 62% of business decision-makers agreed that seeing an advert in an airport gave them the impression the brand was a leader. 

We managed to prove, once more, with impressive statistics, that the airport is the premium environment for brands to stand out. In the cluttered online environment, OOH provides trust and a premium status to reach the right audience.


Following the success of the initial research, the OneWorld team conducted further studies on FMCG, Travel and Tourism, and Entertainment. They use the insights to create category-oriented presentations for JCDecaux’s commercial and marketing teams around the world.

We use the data to engage with prospects or existing clients and bring them global insights – that’s something that was missing in the past. It provides support to our teams to have discussions with key clients. They have been impressed with our ability to pull out industry data that quickly.

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