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Reddit is great for asking questions to real people. But what if you need hundreds of responses (or thousands even)? Or if you only want to hear from people who fit your target audience profile? Attest has the answer!

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Attest’s online consumer research platform connects you to 1000’s of real people

Faster than average

Quick and easy to run surveys

Get going in minutes with our intuitive platform and get results quickly, our average survey closes in 1 day 19 hours.

3 layers of checks

High data quality

We use automated and human checks on your data, you can be sure you’re making the right business decisions.


Research guidance

You’ll be supported by a dedicated industry professional every step of the way to help you get the most from your research.

3 layers of checks

Find your target audience

Our audience lets you access 125 million people across 59 countries, and use filters and quotas to make it as targeted as you need.

Attest product filters insights

Why use Attest’s consumer insights?

No more guessing about your target customer, build a picture of who they are; how they think, act and buy.

De-risk new product development and marketing campaigns by testing creative concepts with your audience.

Understand your brand awareness (or that of your closest competitors) and stay on top of trends, opportunities and threats.

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