The consumer profiling survey template and example results

Consumer profiling surveys are our bread and butter, our modus operandi, our raison d’etre.

Our Customer Research Team works with brands like yours to make sure consumer profiling surveys are as good as they can be. 

And because you don’t have the time to become a full-time research expert, here’s a consumer profiling survey template that’s been crafted by our research experts and (almost) ready to go.

All you need to do is fill in the sections that mention brands, sectors, products and services etc.  

Ready-to-go survey templates

The experts in our Customer Research Team have written consumer profiling survey templates that are basically ready to send!

This template is meant to give you a good sense of what your consumer profiling study could cover—just remember to add in the specifics for your brand and category.

Consumer profiling survey template

Gather the insights you need to create a crystal-clear image of who your customers are with this survey template.

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Real-life example survey results

We don’t just have templates for you! We have real consumer profiling surveys that we’ve sent to our very real respondents. 

Take a look at this survey all about vitamin shoppers in the US. Here you’ll find insights about things like vitamin consumption, spending, brand awareness and general attitudes.

These insights can help a brand understand how and where to reach your ideal customers. And it can help you find out how much people are willing to spend on a product or service like yours (and how much they might spend for higher or lower quality products).

US vitamin research results dashboard

Here are the results from a survey we sent to 1,000 US vitamin shoppers, to get a better understanding of their attitudes towards buying.

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And below is a great example of a pricing question from this survey.

Finding out roughly how much people spend on products like yours per month gives you a super valuable understanding of the attitude your target customers have towards spending in your category.

The Consumer Research Academy is brought to you by the Customer Research Team—our in-house research experts. Any research questions? Email or chat with the team.