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What is customer profiling?

Customer profiling is the process of understanding a customer’s demographics, needs, pain points, buying journey and behaviors. 

You might hear customer profiling discussed alongside consumer profiling. The terms are used fairly interchangeably, but you could think of consumer profiling as gathering insights about general consumer groups, and customer profiling as gathering insights about your current and potential customers specifically.  

Use data from your customer profile research to develop ideal customer profiles and buyer personas. With these you can develop products and services that are a better fit for your ideal customers. 

Customer profile templates for surveys give you an excellent starting point for your profiling research. With our template you can gather essential insights into your target audience’s interests, buying patterns and important context about their attitudes to buying products and services like yours. 

This customer profile template will make gathering insights for creating customer profiles quick and easy and will help you make sure you’ve got the essentials you need. And we’ve made it super easy to insert questions that are relevant to your brand and sector. 

A customer profile can also be a super valuable way to identify customer segments that may be worth expanding into. Your research might reveal that a section of consumers would seriously consider buying your product or service—insights you wouldn’t otherwise have gained.

What customer profile templates do for your business

Understanding how your ideal customers think, act and buy is crucial for any consumer brand. By running consumer profiling research to learn about your customer base, you build the insights you need to develop your ideal customer profile and buyer persona. 

This gives you and your teams a serious competitive advantage with your sales and marketing campaigns. 

Brands like yours use customer profile templates to get a clearer picture of who you’re creating products, marketing strategies and content for—to find out all about your target audience.

By getting to know your ideal customers beyond things like demographic data and basic customer information, you learn what makes them tick and how you can optimize your products, services and communication. A customer profile template is a great reference point for everyone across your business to make sure you all have a unified understanding of who your customers are. 

With this ideal customer profile template survey you can gather quality data fast to create a detailed description of your perfect customers. You’ll then have a better understanding of what they’re looking for, and your organization will have a consistent reference point when thinking about the customers you’re targeting.

This profile template covers all the key insights you should know about your customers, and you can easily add the specifics for your business and sector.

Understanding how your ideal customers think, act and buy is crucial for any consumer brand.

Why should I create a customer profile?

Making sure you and everyone in your organization fully understands the consumers you’re targeting is key to offering products and services they really want (and buy!). 

Here’s how running surveys to gather insights for your customer profile templates helps you and your business…

  • Whether you’re a small business or an industry leader, releasing your products into the world without having a clear customer profile to base it on is risky. Without a deep understanding of what attracts your ideal customers, you could be using the wrong words, channels or imagery to grab their attention, ultimately wasting money and time for your business. And if you don’t use an ideal customer profile example at all, but go off a one-size-fits-all approach, you’re likely to not reach anyone at all. 
  • Not understanding your customer personas well enough can have even bigger consequences: you could create products or campaigns that will make your target customers think negatively about your brand and that can affect your reputation hugely. If your customer profile examples are inaccurate or not nuanced enough, you risk missing the mark. 
  • If you create a customer profile, talk to real people—don’t just create your customer profiles based on assumptions, hopes and wishes that have no actual insights to back them up. Use data! That way, you get a better understanding of how you can make a difference to them.
  • Creating a customer profile based on accurate customer data will speed up processes in your business, because you remove the guesswork. By knowing what your ideal customer likes and dislikes, everyone from Marketing to Product Development to Sales will be able to act quicker because of that consistent reference point. You can easily create a more accurate and detailed customer journey map based on the customer profile, and combine the knowledge of the two to make sure you turn up for customers with the right offer at the right time.
  • When you set out to create your customer profiles, you will be interacting with your current customers and potential customers, so use that interaction to your benefit. Apart from being able to make decisions with confidence and at full speed, you also get stronger relationships with your customers when you create a consumer profile using insights from a survey. By speaking to them with the right words and catering to their most important needs, you’ll be able to build real connections and get a better understanding of how to turn them into loyal customers. They’ll feel heard and most importantly: understood.
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Customer profiling FAQs

What is customer profiling in marketing?

Customer profiling is a process that helps businesses better understand their ideal customers in order to offer them the most relevant products and services. By gathering insights to get an in-depth understanding of things like a customer’s demographics, pain points, needs, wants and behaviors, businesses can create customer profiles that can be used to improve their marketing strategy, product development and sales process.

Why is customer profiling important?

Understanding your ideal customer beyond basic demographic info is critical to your business’s success. By profiling your customers, you can target them more effectively with marketing campaigns and products that match their needs. And understanding your customers’ interests and attitudes can help you build real connections with them and improve customer retention.

What are the methods of customer profiling?

There are a variety of methods businesses can use to create their ideal customer profile, including surveys, focus groups, interviews and customer data. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right ones for your business, and for your customers. You can create a separate customer profile for existing customers, and for those you hope to reach in the future. You can even create customer profile examples of who you don’t want to reach—there might be small but important differences your teams should bear in mind.

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