ZAG x Attest: Using Data to Drive Growth for Challenger Brands

19 Aug 2020 Webinar

Your Presenters:

Lewis Quinn

Account Manager


Aran Potkin

Managing Partner


“The concept of ‘Brand’ has never been more important” (how many times have you heard that one?).

While it might be a tired truism, as with many truisms that get bandied about in marketing land, it’s also true. Categories are hyper-saturated, and differentiating your brand from competitors is particularly challenging…not least because of the number of competitors you’re up against.

Luckily – a keen focus on brand does drive growth these days. Modern technology has helped the world move forwards – ‘brand’ doesn’t need to be this squishy, impossible-to-quantify thing anymore.

Aran Potkin, Managing Partner at ZAG – the innovative growth consultancy born out of prolific creative agency BBH – joins Attest’s Lewis Quinn for this live Q&A to break down two case studies his team have worked on to help with the challenge of driving growth through brand work.

ZAG is at the forefront of fusing data with intelligent brand-led solutions to drive growth within challenger businesses, so expect to learn:

  • How Currencies Direct delivered topline growth in collaboration with ZAG
  • How World Vision unlocked new review with ZAG’s help
  • What key takeaways these case studies illustrate for your business
  • What sustainable growth and brand have to do with one another

This webinar will be packed with practical insight, so secure your spot now!


If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Aug 2020

3 pm BST