Webinar: Introducing the New Attest Survey Editor

7 Feb 2020 Webinar

Your Presenter

Andrada Comsa

Client Experience Representative


As you’ve already heard, we’ve been working on a brand new editor, and it’s ready for you to trial! 

On Wednesday we switched on a toggle bar for you to start using the new editor to create and launch surveys. No worries if you haven’t started using it yet, we’re here to introduce you to the new experience step by step. 

Join our webinar with ACE’r Andrada who will be giving a full demo, so you can understand the difference between navigating the original editor and the new version, check out the new features we’ve added and, ultimately, launch your next survey with total confidence. 

You will learn:

  • How to navigate through the new editor. The functionality you know and love is still there, we’ll just show you where to find it.
  • What’s new and exciting in the redesign, including brand new features we’re trialling to make your survey building experience even better. 
  • How to give us feedback on the new editor, so we can continue improving our platform for you.

After this webinar you’ll have at least a few weeks to switch between the new and the old editors and (if you’re up for it!) give us feedback on the experience. Then, we’ll permanently switch over to the new design. If you can’t join the webinar on the day, don’t worry – it’ll be recorded for you to catch up.

See you there!


Date & Time

Feb 2020

3 pm GMT