Webinar: How to Expand Your Brand

1 Apr 2020 Webinar

Your Presenter

Milton Masoapatali

Account Executive


Expanding your brand across territories or new target audiences can be quite a challenge.

You might know your current customers well, but in order to continue growing there are other audiences and that you need to understand in parallel. Not to mention learning new laws, familiarising with local customs, and developing trustworthy partnerships on the ground.

Are you at the start of this process? Do you want to increase momentum? Then this is the webinar for you!

Attest Account Executive, Milton, will dissect:

  • The risks that come with the opportunity to expand, including prioritisation, market discipline, and not adopting innovation
  • Workable solutions to some of these challenges
  • Best-practise tips and resources to support your expansion

Join us and learn how to get expansion opportunities right, every time.

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Date & Time

Apr 2020

2:30 pm BST