Webinar: An In-Depth Look at The World of Research

12 Feb 2020 Webinar

A comprehensive understanding of your market is what drives business strategy across every industry, and can ultimately give you an edge over your competitors.But how do you get started?

This World of Research webinar hosted by the Attest Centre of Excellence (ACE Team) gives a full introduction to the world of market research, including the practical fundamentals and what the modern landscape looks like today.

Calling on their experiences working with clients like Rover and Pip & Nut, they will discuss the following: 

  • Different types of market research and correct approaches for each type
  • Key primary research methods, and a look at pros and cons for each
  • The value of surveys and how they can be used throughout your business

If you are just starting out in research, and want to understand more about how it all ties together, this webinar is a fantastic way to assess the lay of the land and to start building your knowledge for future success.


If you have any questions about this webinar, please email Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Feb 2020

3 pm GMT