A Consumer Insights Driven Strategy to Winning More Pitches

17 Jun 2020 Webinar

Your Presenter:

Fabiola Da Silva

Senior Business Development Executive


Whether you’re a 10-person boutique creative agency or a huge conglomerate media agency, you’ll have a reason (or two or three) to speak to consumers.

You may need to understand broad consumer trends across whole markets in order to be a thought leader in your industry and attract new business, or you might need to get confirmation that your creative assets hit the right spot. Whether these two examples apply to you, or whether you have alternative needs, consumer data and insights should be invaluable to your agency.

One of the greatest challenges for any agency is convincing clients that you understand their market; what messaging will resonate, where key consumers interact with media, and other unique behaviours. With interesting and insightful data in your back pocket, you can be confident in your pitches, sell additional services to clients and grow your own reputation for thought leadership.

Join Fabiola Da Silva, Senior Business Development Executive at Attest, as she shares insights strategies and templates to remove the uncertainty from your consumer research so you can use it to win more clients and deliver the greatest value to them.

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Date & Time

Jun 2020

11 am BST