25 Key Stats on UK Consumers’ Health & Wellbeing

27 May 2020 Webinar


Florence Brantingham

Sales Development Representative


With recent global events, the health and wellbeing sector has been thrust to the forefront of our minds. It’s not just about keeping our physical bodies in good shape, it’s also caring for our mental health.

It seems consumers are more focused than ever on wellness and we’re looking for new ways to keep fit, get stronger, relax and rest. 

We surveyed 1,000 working age UK consumers in March 2020 to understand how people are feeling about their physical health and get a handle on anxiety and stress levels. This means our research took place as the coronavirus pandemic ramped up and people in the UK became more familiar with what it means.

Join Attest’s Florence Brantingham as she dissects the key statistics of a nation in need of healing. You will uncover:

  • How UK consumers think about their physical and mental health in light of coronavirus
  • The support consumers want on their journey to a healthier lifestyle
  • How Health Tech is growing, and what solutions consumers are really looking for

Get to know more about what your consumers want, and create a catalyst for change now.

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Date & Time

May 2020

11 am BST