The UK Public’s Reaction to Coronavirus: Part 2

31 Mar 2020 Webinar


Stephanie Le Geyt

Product Manager


Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro

Director of Client Experience


Thanks in part to the media, talk of COVID-19 has swept the globe – but how worried are UK consumers about the virus, and how are they changing their behaviours in its wake?

We first surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK consumers to get an idea of how awareness of the virus is affecting the UK Public day-to-day and presented our key findings in a webinar.

But we want to delve deeper.

We had a fantastic response to our last webinar with tons of engagement and questions from the audience. We want to re-survey and start to fill the knowledge gaps you identified from the first survey and begin tracking changes in how the UK is feeling about COVID-19 to keep you in the know.

Join Attest’s Group Product Manager, Stephanie Le Geyt, and Director of Customer Experience, Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro, for a detailed walk through of our latest key findings, and have the chance to ask questions relevant to your business.

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Date & Time

Mar 2020

11:30 am BST