The Public’s Reaction to Coronavirus Part 3: UK vs. US

22 Apr 2020 Webinar


Hillary Wild-Hirons

New Business Manager


We’re now over a month into the health, business & societal impacts of COVID-19, and it’s likely still dominating conversations, both professional and personal. 

We’ve previously investigated the reaction of the UK public to coronavirus to provide some clarity for brands, but what lies ahead if your business is trading in the UK and the US? How can your messaging be tweaked and tailored to consumers in both places?

We’ve sent the same survey to a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK and 2,000 US consumers to analyse and compare the sentiments to coronavirus in each country, and to capture how they are feeling about the future.

Join Attest’s New Business Manager, Hillary Wild-Hirons as she walks us through the key findings and statistics and what they may mean for your brand in these uncertain times. 

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Date & Time

Apr 2020

3 pm BST