Masterclass: How To Draft Elegant Surveys that Deliver

20 Oct 2020 Webinar

Your Presenters:

Sam Killip

Client Experience Executive – ACE


Elliot Barnard

Client Experience Executive – ACE


Drafting a survey can be a daunting task if it’s a new one for you.

To coin a new abbreviation, FOGIW or “Fear of Getting it Wrong” is real, and can often make work that should be straight forward quite challenging, creating longer lead times and mounting pressure to meet deadlines.

What if there was a checklist to minimise your nerves, allowing you to feel confident you are collecting accurate and useful data that answers all of the questions you have?

Enter Attest ACE’rs, Sam Killip & Elliot Barnard. They work with Attest clients daily to make the most of every research project, and they’re experts in managing complex surveys and projects seamlessly.

Sam & Elliot will be hosting this 60 minute masterclass on drafting elegant surveys that deliver, aiming to equip you with:

  • A comprehensive 10 point checklist on drafting surveys
  • Contextual advice and guidance on common survey drafting mistakes and pitfalls 
  • Live polls to test your new found knowledge

Knowing where to start and having the right skills in you toolbox is essential.

Register now to learn how to set up and execute surveys that deliver on your objectives!


If you have any questions regarding this masterclass, please email Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Oct 2020

9 am BST