Building & Deploying Brand Strategy: A Workshop with Attest & Frontify

23 Jun 2020 Webinar

Your Presenters:

Sam Killip

Client Experience Executive – ACE


Ben Attenborough

Account Executive


Susann Beck

Account Management Team Lead


Consumer research company Attest and Brand Management Software, Frontify, join forces for the first-time in this unique, interactive online workshop on defining, building and deploying your brand strategy. 

Defining a brand is difficult. Brands can mean different things to different people at different times. It is essential to put the right building blocks in place to set the tone for your [potential] customers on their journey. Sam Killip, Client Experience Executive at Attest covers three foundation steps to get started: Confirming the purpose of your brand, Researching your competitors and determining your audience.

Once you know your customer, the value you can provide to them and where to position yourself it’s essential to design your brand accordingly. Attest Account Executive, Ben Attenborough, dissects how to divide your target market to build audience profiles based on usage, needs and psychographics. He will then discuss how to use these profiles, including:

  • Developing product features that really resonate
  • Ensuring your messaging and tone of voice works for your brand
  • Building creative that shouts above the noise, communicating the right message and inspiring action
  • Reaching your target audience in the right location and context, to maximise exposure & impact

Frontify’s Account Management Lead, Susann Beck, will then help us understand how to make your brand operational, and ultimately, deploy the right image.

Planning is crucial when it comes to realizing your new brand strategy – both internally and externally – while also future-proofing your brand investment. Only by enabling everyone – across every function – to work together and collaborate on a brand –  can an organization be authentic at every customer-facing touchpoint.

Register now for this interactive session, and have the opportunity to ask industry experts questions relevant to your business.

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Date & Time

Jun 2020

3 pm BST