Concept testing survey template

Market research can be as simple as testing something. This free concept testing survey template proves it, helping you understand which ideas resonate most with your target market. Whether that’s a new product idea, marketing message, ad campaign, or packaging design.

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example of concept testing survey

What are concept testing surveys?

Concept testing surveys allow you to ask questions about new concepts or ideas before taking them to market. Whether it’s product concept testing or campaign concept testing, getting a sense check from potential customers on a random idea, or you’re at product launch stage and you want a final bit of validation, concept testing is an ideal way for anyone to bolster their confidence and justify their direction.

The great thing about concept testing is that it’s designed to be iterative, so the concept testing survey that our in-house team of research experts have designed was crafted with flexibility in mind. The concept testing survey template or questionnaire will help you to evaluate whether target consumers are likely to welcome your new idea, if it will fill a genuine market need, and much more.

Concept testing can help to ground your visionary ideas in practical reality, quantify the likelihood for success and optimise your go-to-market strategy before you launch.

Concept testing can help to ground your visionary ideas in practical reality, quantify the likelihood for success and optimise your go-to-market strategy before you launch.

Why should I run concept testing surveys?

On average, less than 5% of all products and services launched survive beyond two years. There are lots of external, unforeseeable reasons that this is the case, but there are also a number of ways your business can mitigate risk and plant yourselves firmly in the lucky 5%.

As you now know, the main goal of any concept test is to establish if there is [enough of a] fit between the idea you’re testing and the market you’re going after. By doing Concept testing (as well as pricing testing post-initial tests) your business will:

  • Get a steer on where the opportunity lies within a category of the market, and within a specific audience. Depending on what the data says, it might be full steam ahead, or you might pivot and go after an even bigger opportunity. 
  • Save time and money. By testing your ideas before developing them, you’ll figure out quite quickly where your attention and investments should be focused. Voila, a successful product. 
  • Uncover new ideas for your next bit of innovation. Using closed answer options (think: Likert scales and ranking questions) is encouraged when doing concept testing, but adding an open text question to your concept testing survey will allow respondents to tell you, in their own words, what to build or create next. These responses just might end up fueling another strand of innovation.
  • Look beyond your existing customers. Customer surveys and customer satisfaction are incredibly important, but looking outside of your existing network of customers is crucial when it comes to building the right new products and features for future growth. Concept testing questions have been compiled in this survey template to solicit feedback from people that aren’t existing advocates for your brand.
Get started with this template
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Our research experts have created free survey templates to get you started. To use our Concept Testing Survey Template, all you need to do is sign-up for an account.

How do I get started?

Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert researcher to test concepts and uncover meaningful insights that move your development process forwards. Just use our template!

To use the concept testing survey template just sign up to Attest. Or, if you’re already a customer, sign in to the Attest Dashboard and get going. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey. We’ve got several other survey templates available to choose from, so keep your eyes peeled for those too!

Get started with this template

What is Attest?

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