April 25, 2019

The Future of Consumer Finance (UK)

Beyond the realm of the personal, macro global events have dramatically affected consumer finances in Britain this past year. An unstable political climate caused a lot of worry over the future of the pound, which led to consumers facing more expensive holidays, lower interest rates, and uncertain property prices.

Brands have been working hard to adapt and create offerings that will resonate with consumers in such a climate. Online banks are growing in size and in number, with many offering budgeting as part of the service. The presence of ‘Pay Later’ services is growing too, as these businesses partner with major retailers to integrate a credit option into the online shopping experience.

How is this shifting landscape affecting the British population? Our 2019 Consumer Finance report explores the economic behaviours and attitudes of people in the UK at the moment. We’ve unearthed key patterns in how behaviour differs across ages and areas, offering up insight into how best to target consumers when it comes to their finances.