August 21, 2017

2017 Food & Drink Consumer Trends Report

To say that food and drink is big business for the UK would be a gross understatement.

The Food and Drink Federation, a UK trade body, estimates that the industry contributes some £28.2 billion to the UK economy; and across the whole supply chain it produces over £100bn in economic value each year.

That’s £2,453 for every working age adult (16-65) in the UK.

And it’s growing, with sales predicted to hit £197 billion by 2021 according to The Institute of  Grocery Distribution (IGD).

Our figures (more later), show it is actually likely to be higher again.

How are consumers attitudes towards food and drink changing? How do they shop? How often do they order takeaway? What do they spend when eating out?

We asked these burning questions and many more to get a detailed, comprehensive, fresh and evolving understanding of UK consumers.

Here is what we’ve learned, based on Attest research with 1000 people in early June 2017 (full methodology below).