August 30, 2018

The Connected Consumer: A World Survey 2018

As we embark on a year of shifting changes in legislation (GDPR and ePrivacy), UK membership of the EU and the increasing adoption of AI and voice interfaces it’s critical more than ever to bring the consumer into the fold.

After all they’re the intended beneficiary of new legislation, most impacted by Brexit and also they’re the users of the AI and voice experiences.

So who better to give us all a reality check and renew balance in all of our 2018 marketing and technology agendas…

With that in mind, our research addresses the following:

  • Consumer attitudes towards their data and what they expect from brands
  • What’s missing from the consumer experience now
  • Emotional relationship with devices and what’s shifting
  • Optimal explicit opt-in scenarios to maximise addressable audiences whilst respecting privacy under GDPR
  • Attitudes and expectations of digital experiences including Voice and AI from the consumer perspective
  • Assessing the opportunities and threats to eCRM and dispelling some of the myths that as brands we’ve created