June 03, 2019

Complete Guide to Brand Tracking

Consumers lead busy lives. Between working long hours, juggling family responsibilities, walking pets, staying in shape, eating right, maintaining a healthy social life, and getting enough sleep, there’s not much room left for them to consider which brands they should buy to help them do all those things. Add to this an increasingly competitive marketplace with heaps of brands for consumers to choose from, and suddenly being a good solution to their needs is less important than being a memorable one.

The concept of “Brand” is what makes an ‘i’ prefix and a piece of fruit with a bite missing synonymous with one of the world’s top-selling tech giants. It’s what turns a right-pointing arrow into Amazon’s signature “smile” and conjures up fond memories of same-day delivery. The success of these giants, plus dozens of others, has made C-Suites across the globe sit up and listen to their CMOs, who’ve been banging on about the importance of brand for years.