How to demonstrate the ROI of your marketing with research

3 years ago

Sam Killip, VP of Customer Success at Attest and Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications at SEMrush have combined their expertise for this exclusive session on how to use research for digital marketing success.

Digital Marketing is essential to any brand strategy, and allows you too connect with consumers from across the globe to showcase your products and services.

With a wide range of tools, including social media, email marketing, SEO and PPC, it’s easy to rack up your budget ensuring you are covering all the essential online bases to increase your profile.

But using a digital marketing tactic is only one part of the task. You need to ensure there is an ROI for each element, and you need to understand if your campaigns are really hitting the mark? 

So how can you do this? Research!

Consumer insights platform Attest and online visibility management platform SEMrush have combined their expertise for this exclusive session on all things digital marketing:

Hosts Sam Killip & Fernando Angulo will ensure you learn: 

  • How to use research to identify your consumer
  • What the key digital marketing trends and tactics to use are for 2021
  • Ways you can use research to make your campaigns more effective
  • How to ensure your digital marketing efforts align with your brand goals

Watch the webinar recording below 👇

Our speakers

Sam Killip

Sam Killip

Head of Customer Research Team at Attest

Fernando Angulo

Fernando Angulo

Head of Communications at SEMrush

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