5 top UK media trends for ’21

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If you’re wondering which social media platform is the hottest with Gen Z, or who’s watching the most live TV, here are the key media consumption trends for the UK in twenty twenty one.

So, which generation is most likely to pay for content? 

It’s Gen Z!

We found that eighteen to twenty-five year olds are most likely to pay for the media they consume, with thirty-eight percent having a paid content subscription. 

So if you’re hoping to reach those younger audiences, subscription services should be part of your media plan.

We also found out who watches the most live TV

It’s boomers who are dominating the live TV viewing figures. Thirty-three percent of boomers, currently aged between forty one and fifty six, say they watch three to four hours a day. And twenty-six percent watch five hours or more a day. 

Meanwhile, it’s Gen Z who is top of the streaming charts

It’ll probably come as no surprise to learn that younger people are the biggest streamers of TV, while millennials are more likely to spread their TV time across streaming and live broadcasts. 

And Netflix is the top streaming platform for Gen Z, with a hefty eighty-two percent using it.

So what are Millennials consuming?

Thirty-eight percent of millennials listen to a podcast at least once a week, and ten percent say they listen daily. 

We found that the most popular shows seem to reflect the typical millennial life stages, focusing on marriage and children. 

This newer media channel seems to be growing in importance, and is a strong avenue to explore for your ad budget. 

Turning to print versus digital, Gen X seems to have ditched physical publications

In twenty twenty one, Gen X claims to be less likely to read physical newspapers and magazines than millennials. And it’s Gen Xers who are most likely to say they don’t read printed publications at all – forty-one percent never read a newspaper. 

So when thinking about your targeted campaigns, printed publications might not be quite right for the forty one to fifty six age range. 

But Gen X is still fanatical about Facebook

People have talked about a decline of Facebook in younger groups, and our research backs that up. Sixty-eight percent of Gen X – more than any other generation – say they use Facebook daily, while Gen Z is more likely to be found on TikTok. 

Knowing which platforms your customers are on is crucial when you’re planning your organic and paid social media spend

When you know how audiences consume content, you can use this knowledge to inform your marketing strategy and media buying. 

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