Brits are shopping online more regularly than six months ago

Our data shows there’s been a boost in online shopping frequency and spending among UK consumers.

Despite the economic downturn, UK consumers are shopping online more frequently, the results of our online shopping tracker show.

Half-yearly results highlight this intriguing trend, with a +6.7 point increase in the number of UK consumers making weekly online purchases since six months ago. More than 52% of Brits say they currently buy products online a minimum of once a week.

Spending is also up: those spending between £0 to £25 a month has fallen by 5.7 points (to 17.1%), while those spending between £26 to £50 a month has grown by 4 points (to 48.4%).

The boost could be short-lived

These figures will be encouraging to online retailers bracing themselves for a possible recession. However, it might be too early to celebrate because a net -15.1% of consumers predict they will make a reduction in their online spending in the next six months.

Online retailers also need to be aware of emerging preferences for in-store shopping in certain categories. The latest data shows a 5.9 point increase in the number of consumers preferring to buy pet products in-person (to 52.5%). 

Likewise, buying homewares and clothing online is becoming less popular. Preference for shopping for homewares in-store has grown by 4.4 points to 50.8%, and for clothing it has risen 4 points to 41.2%.

D2C brands increasing their appeal

For now, though, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands can take heart from an apparent increase in consumer appeal: there has been a 4 point increase in people liking D2C shopping because it helps them with product discovery (34.8%).

Data shows people are shopping more with D2C brands, making an average of 4.3 D2C purchases in the last six months, compared with 3.9 in the six months previously.

One trend to be aware of, though, is that consumers are increasingly likely to be put off D2C shopping by high delivery costs or times; 48.3% of Brits say this is a deterrent, up 3.7 points since six months ago.

In terms of factors that influence a shopper’s decision to purchase D2C, price has gone up in importance, while brand image and values have gone down.

Make mobile a priority

If you’re wondering where best to invest stretched budgets, our data has the answer. It’s essential that your retail site is as mobile-optimised as possible, evidenced by the 5.7 point increase in people using smartphones as the primary device to make online purchases (64.8%).

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