2018 Q4 New Feature Roundup: cross-device editing, dashboard refresh and more

February 14, 2019 - 3 minute read

We released some exciting new stuff in 2018 while also improving the existing experience, to ensure that Attest’s platform is intuitive, smart and enjoyable to use. This past quarter we did this by introducing some fresh new features:

  • Cross-device editing

  • Dashboard refresh

  • Qualitative analysis upgrades

Read on to learn about the new features we released last year.



1. Cross-device editing

What is it?

It’s not always possible to sit down and bash out a survey draft in one sitting. Sometimes inspiration hits you on your commute and you want to quickly edit your draft survey from your phone. Then you get to your desk, log on to your laptop and want to add some more ideas. Now it’s possible to edit your surveys across multiple devices without any of your edits being lost as you move from device to device.

Why does it matter?

Edit with the confidence that every change you make in Attest’s platform will be reflected in the tabs you have open on other devices. We know that sometimes life interrupts the work you’re doing, and sometimes you want to pick up where you left off, but your laptop’s locked away at work and you’ve just got your tablet to hand. Edit across multiple devices and even multiple tabs on one device, safe in the knowledge that your work will be saved as you go.

2. Dashboard refresh

What is it?

A slick new dashboard. It’s still the Attest platform you know and love, but we’ve streamlined a few features to make it as simple as possible to navigate.

Highlights include changes to:

  • Routing: When using a routing survey, different routes are now displayed within a drop down list in the results dashboard. This will make it easier for you to view and analyse data when using multiple routes.


Easily show individual routes by selecting the route you want to see from the drop down menu.

  • Dashboard Header: When looking at the results dashboard, the header bar is now along for the ride too, moving with you as you scroll so that key buttons are always ready for you.


No matter where in the survey you are, use the buttons on the moving header without having to scroll back to the start for these options.

  • Answer Option Upgrade: When a respondent selects the answer option, ‘Other’, they’re prompted to submit their own free text response. These answers are now listed right below the rest of the answer options in the results dashboard -- no need to scroll to the bottom of the survey to find them.


See the free text ‘other’ options directly below the scripted options.

Why does it matter?

You’ll enjoy an [even] smoother experience on the Attest platform.

3. More powerful qualitative answer analysis

What is it?

We’re making our free text answer options work harder for you. Respondents are only human, so they’re bound to make the odd spelling mistake, but that shouldn’t affect your analysis. So our engineers have implemented technology that matches search terms with phrases that partially match in order to draw out terms and brand names that are misspelt or phrased differently.

For instance, now:

‘Goggle’ matches ‘Google’

‘Homes’ matches ‘Home’

‘Good service’, ‘goad customer servace’ and even ‘go cu se’ all match ‘good customer service’

These improvements to the search facility allow you to highlight the full selection of responses that you’ve searched for, and more accurately cross-tab results from consumers who answered in one way, and those who did not.


Learn more about performing free text searches in the results dashboard here.

Why does it matter?

We’re giving you back your valuable time. Instead of spending time sifting through free text responses, you can better use that time drawing out insights from the data, or setting up another survey, or ticking something else off your to-do list.

For more information on the features we’ve shipped, or a demonstration of the platform in full, get in contact today.

Tell us what you want!

Love the new experience, or have some feedback for future releases? Get in contact with us and we’d be more than happy to walk you through what’s coming up and take your suggestions on board.

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