What does a perfect subscription brand look like?

What do an octopus, gorilla, eagle and beaver have in common? They all have traits subscription brands should emulate!

We asked US consumers about the traits they value in a subscription brand and uncovered some interesting stats, like…

  • 53% of Gen Z want a subscription brand to have a strong purpose or ethos
  • 77% of Boomers are looking for a subscription that offers great value for money
  • 41% of Millennials want a subscription that has great reviews
  • 57% of Gen X want a product subscription that lets them choose what products they receive

This got us thinking, what would a perfect product subscription actually look like? So we decided to put on our white coats and do our best impression of Dr Frankenstein. We’ve stitched together all the elements that consumers want in a subscription brand (represented by different animals) to create our very own Subscriptionstein’s Monster.

Behold! Isn’t he a beauty? Want to go beyond the feathers and fur? Check out the full data.

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Bel Booker

Senior Content Writer 

Bel has a background in newspaper and magazine journalism but loves to geek-out with Attest consumer data to write in-depth reports. Inherently nosy, she's endlessly excited to pose questions to Attest's audience of 125 million global consumers. She also likes cake.

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