What are the leading US mental wellbeing apps?

Brand awareness survey to find out the biggest mental wellbeing apps, including Calm, Headspace, Happify, Talkspace, Mindstrong, and Simple Habit.

It’s no secret that the last 12 months have been particularly tough for a lot of people. To understand the impact the pandemic has had on people’s attitudes towards wellbeing, and find out which mental wellbeing apps are currently winning the most share of mind, we surveyed 500 US consumers.

We have analyzed prompted and unprompted awareness of some of the biggest players, including Calm, Headspace, Happify, Talkspace, Mindstrong, and Simple Habit, as well as investigating American consumers’ health and wellbeing priorities for 2021.

The headlines:

  • At 16%, Calm has the highest unprompted awareness of the brands surveyed. They are also top for prompted awareness at 58%
  • 37% of people who use health and wellbeing apps said improving happiness is a top priority for 2021
  • Almost 29% of people who use health and wellbeing apps want to be more positive this year

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The leading US brand in mental wellbeing apps

Discover what the most recognized brands in mental wellbeing tech are – including unprompted and prompted brand awareness and top trends in wellbeing tech.

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Results: unprompted brand awareness

We asked people who use health, fitness and wellbeing apps to name any mental wellbeing apps specifically that come to mind. The higher a brand’s unprompted recall, the better embedded they are in the public psyche. The clear winner for unprompted brand awareness was Calm. Perhaps unsurprisingly this also plays out in prompted awareness where 58% of respondents recognized the Calm brand (see full report).

mental wellbeing apps

Results: wellbeing priorities for 2021

2020 was clearly a taxing year for individuals’ wellbeing. Beyond the prospect of illness, we faced a great deal of uncertainty and, for many, loneliness. We asked respondents what their wellbeing priorities were for 2021.

Both physical and mental health are a top priority for the year ahead.There is high intent to improve happiness, positivity and stress levels – all things mental wellbeing apps are well placed to help with.

mental wellbeing priorities

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