Who’s the hottest brand in US D2C bedding and bath linen?

We surveyed 500 US consumers to find out the leaders in D2C bedding and bath linen. The survey includes Boll & Branch, Brooklinen, Brooklyn Bedding, Buffy, Crane & Canopy, Parachute and Snowe.

Coronavirus lockdowns have no doubt had a huge impact on the US economy but more time spent at home  has led to a widespread desire among Americans to improve their home environment – and this has benefited the homewares sector.

Bedding and bath linen, in particular, has enjoyed a boost, including many direct-to-consumer brands. But with so much competition in this space, which D2C bedding and bath linen brands are winning the hard-fought battle for share of mind? 

We surveyed 500 US consumers that have recently purchased homeware to find out. 

We have analyzed prompted and unprompted awareness of some of the biggest players, including Boll & Branch, Brooklinen, Brooklyn Bedding, Buffy, Crane & Canopy, Parachute and Snowe, as well as looking at how consumer mindsets have changed as a result of the pandemic.

The headlines:

  • At 37%, Boll & Branch has the highest prompted awareness of the brands surveyed
  • 52% of people who’ve bought homewares recently are planning on making home improvements in 2021
  • 27% of people plan to buy new bedding this year and 20% intend to buy bath linen

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The hottest US brand in D2C bedding and bath linen

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Results: prompted brand awareness

Our survey found that bedding and bath linen are high up on US consumers’ shopping lists. 89% of homeware shoppers have made a purchase in the category within the last 12 months.

We found that Boll & Branch is the most recognized D2C bedding and bath linen brand with 37% of respondents to our survey having heard of them. Brooklyn Bedding and Brookline come as a close 2nd and 3rd.

Results: likelihood to purchase in 2021

The pandemic has led to people spending more time at home. The survey suggests that a focus on the home is set to continue. More than half of respondents are planning to make home improvements or redecorate in 2021, with 47% specifically looking to buy new bedding or bath linen.

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