11 Market research companies in Dallas, TX for reliable consumer insights

Shopping around for marketing research firms in Dallas, Texas? Market research companies are a great resource for relevant insights to guide your marketing strategy. Plenty of local providers and global marketing research firms can help you, but you can also find your market research answers in a DIY tool like Attest.

Working with a market research provider or consulting has have plenty of benefits. These companies make market research a breeze, so you can focus on the day-to-day. They’re often better equipped to conduct thorough research, whether it’s through online panels, scientific sampling methods, quantitive research, or testing concepts or prototypes.

But who’s the right market research partner for your marketing research needs in Dallas and beyond?

To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of market research agencies in Dallas, mixed with marketing research firms with a global presence. Whether you’re looking to do advertising research, creative concept testing, UX research or any other type of custom research, there’ll be a solid partner for you in this list!

Company NameFoundedKey ServicesBest For
Attest2015Dedicated research, representative audience, data quality checks, survey creation, etc.Qual and quant research in one place, brand tracking, Competitive analysis, concept testing, quick survey launches, full-scale research support
Sago Dallas1966Panel, Recruit, Communities, Global Quant, Clinical Research, etc.Deep research, international brands, medical field research
Dallas by Definition1988Focus group facility, recruitment services, Focus Vision & Streamline servicesComprehensive qualitative research, diverse room setups
Murray Hill National1998In-person research, digital research, specialized research, podcast servicesB2B, Tech, Healthcare sectors, specialized research needs
Fieldwork1980Global research, virtual research, UX/CX, virtual facility, e-collage, etc.Global and local market research, advanced virtual tools, UX/CX professionals
Focus Groups of America2009Online platform, Dallas focus group facility, project management, nationwide researchUS target audience, qualitative insights in focus groups
C&C Market Research1975Market research, data processing, focus facilities, programming, test kitchens, etc.Comprehensive research solutions, specialized facilities
P&K Research1957Product research, sensory analysis, qualitative testing, quantitative testingBrands in major product categories, sensory experiences
Usability Sciences1988Ethnography, diary studies, focus groups, omni-channel researchB2B & B2C, gaming, healthcare, inclusive design
Bryles Research1969Sensory testing, focus groups, product placements, mock juries, children studiesSensory feedback, legal teams, younger demographics, automotive industries
Dynata1940First-party data collection, audience activation, campaign measurementMedia and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms

And with that, let’s delve into the market research companies Dallas has to offer

1. Attest

Attest combines the agility of market research software with the expertise and designated research advice.

You can run regular or one-off surveys with our platform to help you spot, and even predict, significant market shifts – and make the right decisions for your business. And with Attest you can get access to advice from our highly experienced Customer Research Team. Your expert is on standby, ensuring that from survey creation to data interpretation, every step of your research project is as good as it can be.

And our audience and data quality are also on point. As one G2 review puts it: “Survey platforms don’t come much better than this. Attest listens to clients and is forever evolving the product, improving every day. Every time I go into the platform, I am more and more delighted with its capability. On top of this, client services are fantastic, and nothing is too much bother! Also, the panel is excellent, I was dubious at first, but it has served me well for the last 2 years, and our audience is pretty niche.”


  • Dedicated Research Expert: Whether you’re new to research and need some guidance, or an insights pro who’s looking for a second pair of eyes, you can get a dedicated Research Expert with Attest.
  • Connect with Your Target Consumers: With 125 million consumers in 59 countries, you’re set to gain insights that span cultures and borders.
  • Data Quality Checks: With a blend of AI and human checks, we ensure the data you get is nothing short of top-grade.
  • Easy Survey Creation: Whether using our templates or starting from scratch, our tools ensure your surveys hit the mark every time.
  • Actionable Analytics: Within our dashboard you easily pick out the action points you should be prioritizing.
  • Customization: Tailor your surveys to your needs and brand, ensuring feedback that’s relevant and actionable.

We used Attest because we were looking at a new category in the US and wondering if it was appropriate to launch anywhere else in the world. So, one of the big questions was, is the use of diaper ointment the same around the world or different?

What was great was that within less than a week, we got the results back. I was able to go through it all and then I realized that there’s actually a lot more similarity than difference in terms of this new product opportunity around the world.

David Contract, Marketing Team Lead, Betesh Group

Best for:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research in one useful platform
  • Brand tracking
  • Category reseach
  • Competitive analysis
  • Concept testing
  • Consumer profiling
  • Companies needing full-scale research support
  • Quick survey launches for comprehensive market research

Founded: 2015

Attest is like a playground for all of our ideas. It opens up a lot of conversations that we wouldn’t usually have as we’re able to test our hypotheses early and quickly, and that in itself is really exciting.

Kendra Rogers, Head of Insight and Strategy, psLondon

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2. Sago Dallas

Sago Dallas has been a trusted name in market research for over 55 years, connecting businesses with their target audiences. Their wide range of services covers a range of market research tools and they also help you source a panel.


  • Sago Panel: Helps you reach a broad group of people worldwide to collect data
  • Sago Recruit: Connects businesses with the right people for research projects
  • Sago Communities: A single platform for valuable customer insights over time
  • Global Quant: Offers help in understanding global target audiences
  • Global Qual: Gives advice on the best methods for international studies
  • In-Person Facilities: Research spaces both locally and around the world
  • Clinical Research: High-quality research with a focus on finding the right participants
  • Neuromarketing Tools: Advanced tools for deep insights, especially in product and web usability

Best for:

  • Companies needing deep research, both qualitative and quantitative
  • International brands wanting insights in the European market
  • Companies in the medical field requiring clinical research services

Founded: 1966

3. Dallas by Definition

Dallas by Definition, a family-run, certified Woman Owned Business, has been a trusted market research facility in the Southwest for 35 years. Their facility specializes in qualitative research, offering five focus group rooms with clear viewing mirrors, an additional mini-group room, a living room setup, and two kitchens.


  • Focus group facility
  • 5 spacious focus group rooms equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Tiered viewing rooms and an additional mini-group room
  • Living room setup and classroom-style settings
  • Quality recruitment services led by experienced staff
  • Focus Vision & Streamline Universal services available in all rooms

Best for:

  • Businesses seeking comprehensive qualitative research
  • Companies preferring a diverse set of room setups for research
  • Researchers valuing convenience in location and amenities
  • Those in need of high-quality recruitment services

Founded: 1988.

4. Murray Hill National

Murray Hill National stands as a comprehensive market research service provider, meeting diverse needs across sectors like B2B, Tech, Healthcare, Medical, and Consumer. Their unique offering, such as the “Homework Assignments” with a proprietary video application, highlights their innovative approach to market research.


  • In-Person Research: Focus groups, triads, dyads, mall intercepts, events, fairs, trade shows, product placements
  • Digital Research: Webcam focus groups, mobile research, online focus groups, online bulletin boards
  • Specialized Research: Ethnographic studies, in-depth interviews, clinical research
  • Homework Assignments: Proprietary video application for pre-interview activity
  • Podcast Services: Guest recruitment, brainstorming episode ideas, transcription services

Best for:

  • Companies in B2B, Tech, Healthcare, Medical, and Consumer sectors
  • Researchers requiring a mix of in-person and digital research methods
  • Podcast creators seeking guest recruitment and episode brainstorming
  • Professionals needing specialized research such as ethnographic studies and jury recruitment

Founded: 1998

5. Fieldwork

For years, Fieldwork has been offering comprehensive research solutions. From adapting to global cultural nuances to harnessing the potential of virtual research, their portfolio is varied and flexible. They have a holistic approach to research which combines industry-leading technology with human expertise.


  • Global Research: Adapting to diverse cultural contexts for international insights
  • Virtual Market Research: Leveraging cutting-edge technology for virtual research
  • Fieldwork Anywhere: In-person engagement tailored to audience needs
  • UX/CX Research: Versatile facilities for user/customer experience research with robust security
  • Virtual Facility: Online respondent interviews with a dedicated Fieldwork host
  • Market Research and Technology: A blend of technical and research expertise
  • Discussion Bulletin Boards: Platforms for diverse research including video diaries and group ideation
  • E-Collage: Real-time viewing of collage processes with easy transcript access
  • Homework Tools: Hassle-free research assignments with multimedia response options

Best for:

  • Companies looking for versatile, both global and local, market research solutions
  • Researchers seeking advanced virtual research tools and facilities
  • UX/CX professionals in search of adaptable research facilities
  • Businesses venturing into new territories requiring insights into local nuances

Founded: 1980

6. Focus Groups of America

Focus Groups of America can handle research needs from start to finish. They specialize in focus groups and mock trials, and use both qualitative and quantitative methods.


  • Online focus group platform: Organize focus groups at a larger scale with their online panels
  • Dallas focus group facility: Looking for in-person focus groups in Texas? They’ve got the facilities and expertise.
  • Project management: Let Focus Groups of America run your research project from start to finish.
  • Nationwide in-person research: Enabling you to gather face-to-face insights from the US.
  • Nationwide recruiting: Reach your American audience with ease

Best for:

  • Companies looking for qualitative insights and discussions in focus groups
  • Companies whose main target audience is in the US

Number of employees: 40

Founded: 2009

7. C&C Market Research

C&C Market Research is located in Fort Smith, AR and has over 25 years of experience in data collection and market research. They operate 37 facilities across major cities. The company uses both traditional and online survey methods. Each project is managed by experienced Project Managers to meet client expectations.


  • Market Research: Gaining insights to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Data Processing: Employing unique tools to extract valuable insights from product user data.
  • Focus Facilities: Exclusive in-house research with the latest recording technology
  • Client Viewing: Rooms to observe and understand consumer responses
  • Programming: Crafting advanced surveys tailored to varying needs
  • Project Management: Dedicated managers overseeing each project from start to finish
  • Survey Design: Customized surveys compatible with all devices
  • Tabulation With Analysis: In-depth data analysis providing meaningful insights
  • Test Kitchens: Onsite kitchens in many offices for specialized research needs

Best for:

  • Organizations seeking comprehensive market research solutions
  • Companies needing specialized facilities, such as test kitchens or focus rooms
  • Businesses aiming for high-quality data collection and detailed market analysis

Founded: 1975

8. P&K Research

P&K Research specializes in product research, combining art and science to understand consumer preferences. They emphasize the sensory aspects of a product, including sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Notably, P&K introduced methods like the 9-Point Hedonic Scale, including a version for children.


  • Product Research: Delving deep into all aspects of the product experience
  • Sensory Analysis: Evaluating products based on the senses they appeal to
  • Qualitative Testing: Gathering in-depth insights into consumer preferences
  • Quantitative Testing: Analyzing data to discern patterns and trends
  • Sensory Research: Employing trained panels and various sensory methods to evaluate products

Best for:

  • Brands seeking comprehensive insights into product development or improvement
  • Companies targeting major product categories including Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Home Care, and Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Businesses that prioritize sensory experiences in their products

Founded: 1957

9. Usability Sciences

Usability Sciences has over 30 years of experience in user research, offering comprehensive services including recruiting, moderation, and usability labs. In 2019, they rebranded and introduced new services like design thinking workshops. This change has allowed them to support clients across various business cycles, emphasizing enhanced user experience.


  • Ethnography & Hispanic Research Services: Specialised service for organizations working on inclusive design
  • Diary Studies: Find out how your customers use a product over time
  • Focus Groups and Interviews: Get deep, qualitative insights straight from your target audience
  • Field Studies: Get an honest view of how people interact with a brand or product
  • Omni-Channel Research: Discover the needs of your customers throughout the customer journey

Best for:

  • Businesses in the domains of B2B & B2C, Gaming (PC/Console/App), Healthcare, and Inclusive Design
  • Companies aiming for a holistic understanding of their user base
  • Organizations working on inclusive design (Ethnography & Hispanic Research)

Founded: 1988

10. Bryles Research

Bryles Research is a Dallas research company specialised in the field of data collection and research. They have experience in conducting taste tests, focus groups, and other research methods.


  • Sensory Testing: Delving deep into the perceptions and reactions elicited by products to gauge consumer appeal
  • Focus Groups: Facilitated group discussions to harvest collective opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward products or services
  • Product Placements: Testing products within real-life contexts to understand user interactions and responses.
  • Mock Juries: Simulating a real jury to gain insights into potential juror reactions for legal strategies
  • Children Studies: Research specifically tailored to understand behaviors, preferences, and opinions of younger demographics
  • Telephone Interviewing: Engaging participants over the phone to gather data and insights
  • Executive Interviewing: One-on-one engagements with top-tier professionals to understand high-level perspectives
  • Automotive Studies: Dedicated research to capture insights specific to the automotive industry

Best for:

  • Businesses aiming to get in-depth sensory feedback on their products
  • Legal teams looking for mock jury insights
  • Companies targeting younger demographics
  • Automotive industries in search of specialized consumer insights

Founded: 1969

11. Dynata

Dynata is a major player in data collection, serving around 70 million consumers and business professionals. As the world’s largest first-party data company, they emphasize the value of quality data for business decisions, gathering both consumer and B2B insights.


  • First-Party Data Collection: Get your insights straight from the source, making sure it’s relevant and recent
  • Audience Activation: The quality of your insights is determined by the quality of your audience
  • Campaign Measurement and Optimization: Know more than what’s happening now, plan ahead and track progress
  • Data Publishing & Sharing: Quickly and clearly communicate insights with stakeholders

Best for:

  • Media and advertising agencies
  • Publishers
  • Consulting and investment firms

Founded: 1940

Attest provides quality insights everywhere, not just in Dallas

While a research firm in Dallas might offer localized insights, Attest stands apart in its holistic approach. With us, you gain access to the expertise of seasoned professionals who guide you throughout. Our triple-checked data assures unmatched reliability. And while we provide a global reach, we also delve deep into specific demographic insights, giving you the best of both worlds. So, whether you’re targeting locally in Dallas or broadening your horizons internationally, Attest equips you with precision-driven data and insights.

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1. Who are the top market research companies in Dallas?

The top market research companies in Dallas includeAttest, Dynata, Usability Sciences, P&K Research, Bryles Research, C&C Market Research, and Fieldwork, among others. These firms are renowned for their comprehensive research services, extensive reach, and innovative methodologies.

2. Why work with a market research company?

Working with a market research company provides several advantages. These companies offer expert insights into consumer behavior and market trends, allowing businesses to make informed decisions. They use specialized tools and methodologies to gather accurate data, ensuring reliable results. Market research companies also help in identifying opportunities, assessing competition, and formulating strategies to improve products, services, and overall customer experience. Collaborating with them can lead to better business strategies, increased sales, and a more profound understanding of your target audience.

3. How can you choose the best Dallas market research company?

Choosing the best Dallas market research company involves several considerations. First, assess your specific research needs and objectives. Look for companies that specialize in your required services. Check the company’s reputation, client reviews, and case studies to gauge their expertise and results. Also, consider their methodologies, technology, and audience selection methods. It’s beneficial to have a preliminary discussion or consultation with potential companies to understand their approach and see if it aligns with your goals. Lastly, consider their experience and track record in your industry to ensure relevance and expertise.

Elliot Barnard

Customer Research Lead 

Elliot joined Attest in 2019 and has dedicated his career to working with brands carrying out market research. At Attest Elliot takes a leading role in the Customer Research Team, to support customers as they uncover insights and new areas for growth.

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