Baby Brezza reduced their time to international launch by 12 months

Researching the diapering category allowed Baby Brezza to pinpoint the hottest markets and expedite their new product launch.

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New Jersey, US
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Baby Brezza was already the leading brand of baby feeding appliances, but they wanted to enter into a new category: diapering. They felt confident their new product would be successful in the US but they didn’t have any expertise in the category in other markets. 

We used Attest because we were looking at a new category in the US and wondering if it was appropriate to launch anywhere else in the world. So, one of the big questions was, is the use of diaper ointment the same around the world or different?

David Contract, Marketing Team Lead, Betesh Group


Baby Brezza used Attest to survey mothers in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, Korea and Taiwan. They took key metrics around the usage of diaper ointment and layered them over other data, such as how many babies are born in a particular market. This enabled them to quantify the market opportunity and determine which markets to include in their tier-one and tier-two launches.

What was great was that within less than a week, we got the results back. I was able to go through it all and then I realized that there’s actually a lot more similarity than difference in terms of this new product opportunity around the world.


reduction in time-to-market

1 week

for market sizing


distributors signed up


Typically Baby Brezza wouldn’t launch a product internationally until a couple of years after a domestic launch. But because the research highlighted a big opportunity in Europe (bigger even than the US), they plan to launch there within a year. And having specific market data for each country has enabled the brand to more easily get buy-in from global distributors. 

What’s interesting about the research we did was it actually opened our eyes to what a big opportunity this is globally. Initially the plan was just to launch it in the US. Now we’re being more aggressive and hoping to launch it globally within the first year of launch in the US.

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