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When and why should I conduct a brand perception survey?

A brand perception survey template is a fantastic way to find out what people really think about your brand. Once you understand your brand perception, you can start to improve it and turn your target audience into customers (and fans).

You can use the insights from your brand perception survey template to find out whether their view of your brand is what you want it to be.

It’s a great addition to your market research, because it will put your brand in perspective compared to your competitors—it’ll help you nail your brand identity.

There are several benefits to conducting a brand perception survey:

1. Use the information to make sure that their view of your brand is what you want it to be

2. Get feedback on how people see your brand in relation to your competitors

3. Track changes in brand perception over time

It’s crucial to measure your brand perception regularly. This is because it impacts everything, from customer loyalty and retention, to the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts, to long-term brand recognition and beyond.

A great moment to conduct a brand perception survey is right before and after you launched something new—a new service, a product or even a marketing campaign.

Conducting a brand perception survey in those moments will help you measure the impact those things have had on your brand among your target audience.

It’s going to be difficult for you to alter someone’s impression of your brand once it’s been formed—especially if you’re trying to improve it.

But a brand perception survey template serves as a guiding light in the process and can help you determine what works and what doesn’t.

What should I include in my brand perception surveys?

There’s more that influences your brand perception than you might think. It’s more just than the marketing efforts you put out, the content you distribute and even the products you sell.

For example, your customer service will have an effect on your brand perception as well, and how your competitors are perceived also has an effect. These are all important aspects to include in your brand perception survey template.

In order to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns it’s crucial that brand perception metrics make up part of your measurement stack

Brand perception FAQs

What is a brand perception survey?

A brand perception survey is a type of market research used to get a sense of what people think of your brand and to dig into what influences how they feel towards you. This will help you create a strategy to improve that brand perception, so you can become the brand they prefer.

How do you measure brand perception?

The best way to measure your brand perception is to use a survey. You can survey people who are already buying from you, but also people who haven’t yet—or even former customers.
With online survey templates, you can reach all these people easily and analyze results quickly.
Attest is a great tool which will help you in setting up the survey and extracting valuable insights from the results. Try it here.

What are some good brand perception survey questions?

This depends a lot on the specific purpose of your brand perception survey. Simply finding out what people think of your brand without a clear purpose and plan of action to follow up your brand perception survey won’t make for a beneficial research project.
But if you’re looking for some inspiration to kick-start your survey-making process, here are some brand perception questions that we love to ask.

How does image differ from brand perception?

Brand image and brand perception are similar concepts. It’s all about how people see your brand and how it makes them feel.
Everyone will form an opinion of your brand, and image and perception can be changed: you just need to know why people are feeling a certain way so that you can hope to influence that in the future.

Who is the best audience for a brand perception survey?

It depends a lot on the context of your brand perception survey. Are you looking into what potential customers think of you and how you could convince them to buy from you?
Are you surveying new customers to find out what could make them stick around and improve brand loyalty?
In any case, it’s important that the respondents are consumers who are familiar with your brand.
It’s important that the first question in your brand perception survey template helps you identify whether respondents are familiar with your brand. Filtering them out early on will help you get the best insights.
It can also be useful to survey brand perception amongst employees or focus on the people you’d love to have in your team.
That way, a brand perception survey template aimed at candidates will help you in improving your employer branding.

How is brand perception linked to brand awareness?

Brand awareness is where it all starts: are consumers aware that you exist, and do they understand what you have to offer? Brand perception is the next step, where they form an opinion on what you have to offer and what you stand for. This will decide whether or not they’d buy from you or a competitor.

What other brand health metrics are important?

All of them. From brand awareness to brand reputation, and everything in between. Keeping an eye on all these metrics will enable you to transform your marketing efforts and create laser-targeted campaigns, services and products.

What are the key drivers behind brand perception?

What your customers think of your company depends on a lot of things. Your company name can influence this, and things like a logo and visual identity and marketing efforts, but it’s mostly your behavior that will determine how customers feel about your company. This means that your employees also have an impact on your organization when it comes to perception: they’re the embodiment of your business.

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What is Attest?

Attest is the go-to tool for all things brand health, for your market research and for creative testing.

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What is Attest?

Attest is an always-on, end-to-end survey platform where you can draft your own survey questions, target audiences and surface actionable insights, all in one place and in real-time. Unlike working with a research agency or conducting a focus group, Attest’s is a best-in-class technology platform that is truly end-to-end. With built-in demographic breakdowns, 7 different question types, and respondents at the ready, you can test a new idea, track brand awareness, and uncover consumer trends all in one platform.

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