May 28, 2019

UK vs US: A Look at 5 Global Lifestyle Trends

There’s a new prediction and ‘next big thing’ written about every day…but which ones are rooted in real consumer behaviour?

Our newest report – UK vs US: 2019’s Hottest Consumer Trends – will interrogate how well 5 key lifestyle trends hold up with audiences across the UK and the US.

The trends we’ll explore are:

Conscious Consumerism: The tide is finally turning on plastic, overt materialism is becoming unfashionable, and animal welfare is more important than ever to consumers.

Total Wellbeing: people are taking more responsibility for their own wellbeing and looking to brands to provide health and beauty products that treat them as individuals.

Digital Everything: the range of things we’re happy to do online is growing, we demand convenience at every turn, and the line between our physical and digital selves are blurry.

Escape Reality: with increasingly busy lives, people want to retreat and disconnect. Staying in is the new going out…but self-imposed isolation also comes with a downside.

Redefining Social Norms: With greater freedom and better mobility, people don’t feel pressured to conform to age-based stereotypes.

Click below for an in-depth analysis of the impact of these trends on consumers across the UK and the US markets.