The Performance Brand Book

This trailblazing book explores the untapped potential of applying performance marketing principles to brand building, including 15 case studies from leading brands.

The Performance Brand Book

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What’s inside?

  • Case studies from top brands including Oracle, Gousto, Semrush & JustGiving
  • An introduction to the Performance Brand framework: Learn, Validate, Reach and Measure
  • Golden tips on brand building from world-class marketers
  • How to use data to drive measurable results

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Why this book

In this book, you’ll find 15 true stories, as told by world class marketers, of the Performance Brand ethos in action. They’ll share stories of how they built and grew their company’s brands, sometimes in trying times, facing stiff competition, and with severe budget constraints. 

At the time, they may not have called their brand a Performance Brand. But in retrospect, the stories you’ll read in this book fit the ethos perfectly: They’re all systematic, deliberate efforts to use data to drive impressive results for their business.

We hope that by compiling these experiences from some of the most accomplished industry experts, we’ll help you to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Bridge the gap between performance and brand marketing
  • Demonstrate the value of brand building in a way that your CFO and Board will understand
  • Learn how brand marketing can be executed like a performance marketing campaign
  • See practical examples of how you can calculate the value of your brand building efforts and properly quantify growth
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