The New Normal: Keeping Active

We’re all adjusting to the ‘new normal’ created by the COVID-19 pandemic – what does that mean for health, fitness, and self-improvement? We partnered with The Big Thinks to ask 500 UK consumers how they’re bettering themselves during a pandemic.

The New Normal: Keeping Active

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What’s inside?

  • The results of a survey to 500 UK residents
  • How people are keeping fit without access to the gym
  • How e-learning and EdTech are seeing a surge in users trying to learn new skills
  • Will we return to ‘normal’ once this is all over?

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This article is the third in a series we’re calling the New Normal, aimed at helping businesses navigate fast-changing consumer behaviour and find opportunities within these challenging times.

The Big Thinks has partnered with Attest, the consumer insight platform, to launch a survey that interrogates the virus’ impact on the UK’s exercise and learning habits

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