September 12, 2019

The Marketing Leader’s Guide to Campaign Planning


Taking a strategic approach to marketing is vital. You can’t steal market share from already established names – and do it with less budget than the big guys – without a clear plan. 

It’s not enough to simply have a great idea for a campaign; you need to understand how it will help you meet your goals, how you’ll reach your audience, which formats make the most sense based on your strategy, and how you’ll be able to measure the results. 

Only then can you optimise your campaign, learn to spend your budget more effectively, and create a recipe for success that’s repeatable. In this guide, we’ll look at how using consumer research can elevate your creativity and make sure your campaigns really deliver.

The Complete Guide to Campaign Planning has been produced with insightful contributions from Zeal Creative’s Head of Planning Callum Saunders, SuperHeroes’ Account Director Kirsten Cave, and We Grow Startups’ Lead Consultant, Marina Alvarez .


  • Establishing Commercial Objectives
  • Defining the Audience  
  • Translating Objectives into Creative 
  • Coming up with Killer Creative
  • Setting up Tracking
  • Optimising the Campaign
  • Post-Campaign Analysis