January 16, 2020

A Marketer’s Guide to International Expansion

International markets hold the same allure today that they have for centuries. Whereas decades ago the potential upsides of expanding into other countries was more of a mystery, thanks to the internet, international travel, and widespread globalisation, today it’s clearer what opportunities lie overseas for your brand.

And for brands who are killing it in their local markets, expanding overseas is a logical next step. Just think about the products you’ve used in the last hour; the phone in your pocket, your laptop, the software you use at work, the coffee you drink… chances are the majority are products from brands that weren’t founded in your home country.

Most of the biggest brands in the world operate globally, so international expansion is on the cards for a lot of growing brands, including yours. Even social, political and economic unease hasn’t deterred brands’ appetite for international trade, with American Express reporting that the run up to Brexit has had limited impact on UK brands expanding internationally.