21 Marketing Challenges to Overcome in 2021

What does 2021 have in store? In this report, 21 marketing professionals from a range of industries across the UK, US and Australia share the biggest challenges they’re currently facing.

21 Marketing Challenges to Overcome in 2021

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What’s inside?

  • How changing consumer behaviour is forcing marketers to pivot strategies
  • The effect of increased online competition on digital marketers
  • The difficulty of putting an ROI to brand awareness for COVID-hit industries
  • Maintaining stability and professionalism when working from home

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As years go, 2020 threw up more than its fair share of challenges for marketers. Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods yet. So we reached out to B2C marketing professionals across a range of sectors to see what they’re up against. 

While 2021 looks set to be another year of challenges, it’s one that marketers are now better equipped to deal with. The pandemic has forced us to adapt, develop new skills and think more creatively. Ultimately, it’s made us more resilient, which is evident in the determination and optimism these marketers share.  

Marketing Challenge #1: Content bottlenecks

Blake Hardwick, Marketing Manager @ Greenberg & Stein

“The pandemic caused a big change in the ROI we were getting from traditional marketing methods. With fewer people going out and interacting with this type of marketing, we needed to put a bigger focus on the digital side – that’s easier said than done. A higher demand for digital content has put stress on our marketing team. Yes, we were able to save time through not having to create as much traditional content, but the adjustments to our marketing plan and the rearrangement of our marketing team was quite time consuming, and our content plan has been delayed. We’re currently working to mitigate this bottleneck, but the ripple effect a bottleneck has could cause it to last longer than we expect.”

The report also contains contributions from…

Alex Membrillo, CEO @ Cardinal Digital MarketingAgency
Carisa Bartelt, Creative Marketing Supervisor @ Fox World Travel
Chris Laan, Founder @ Designer Sheds
Shiv Gupta, CEO @ Incrementors
Vinay Amin, CEO @ Eu Natural
Katie Fellenz, Head of Marketing @ Trust & Will
Emily Wendzich, Founder @ Gift and Giving
Stacy Caprio, Marketing @ AcneScar.org
Michael Anderson, Marketing Specialist @ Signal+Power
JP Brousseau, CEO @ Phone Loops
Daniel Snow, CEO @ The Snow Agency 
Tracey Stapleton, Founder, The Spa PR Company
Ryan Walton, Founder @ Aura Ads 
Karen Ngai, Senior PR Strategist @ Click Consult
Anton Konopliov, CEO @ Palma Violets Loans 
Seb Hall, CEO @ Cloud Employee
Susan Thompson, Digital Marketing Manager @ Topp Casino Bonus
Jennifer Willy, Editor @ Etia.com
Islin Munisteri, VP Sales and Marketing, Theia Marketing
John Cho, Founder @ My Pet Child

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