January 04, 2018

2019 Trends to Watch Report

2018 has been another rollercoaster year for brands around the globe. While eCommerce and digital-first companies mostly bloomed, their success came with increasing data landscape.

scrutiny and the introduction of GDPR. Meanwhile, traditional High Street retailers were left to fight for a shrinking market and reconsider their strategy in an increasingly digital-first

These shifts both stem from, and continue to fuel, changing consumer sentiments and priorities. In a vicious circle, the more consumers that shop online, the more trouble the

High Street falls in to, meaning the more consumers are forced to shop online by closures on their local High Street.

As such, it’s vital to understand the feelings and behaviours of your key consumers, to allow your brand time to prepare for the wave of change they can set in motion. Failing to do so can leave you playing catch up

With this in mind, we’ve collated our biggest ever research sample to bring you the key trends we’ve seen evolve in 2018, and those that are ready to take hold in 2019.

We’ll cover everything from the brands seen as most innovative by Gen Z-ers, to the brands Boomers would love to work for. The self-reported reasons why these brands appeal will uncover the trends currently fuelling consumer sentiment.