September 19, 2018

2018 Food & Drink Consumer Trends Report

The UK Food and Drink market is a big pie.

The Food & Drink Federation reports that the industry contributed £28.8bn to the UK economy in 2017, making it a larger manufacturing sector than the automotive and aerospace industries combined.

It’s a huge and growing market, fuelled by shifting consumer tastes that force innovation, improvement and refinement across the sector. Niche markets become mainstream appetites on a regular basis, and the sector is forced to diversify in response.

So what can food and drink brands do to win a slice of the pie? They need to be aware of shifting sentiments and trends in the market, to ensure they’re not left behind the curve.

Our 2018 Food & Drink Consumer Trends Report asks key questions to UK consumers: How often do they cook at home versus eating out? How much do they spend, and on what types of foods? And how have these and other answers shifted since our 2017 report was published?

We ask these burning questionns and many more to get a detailed, comprehensive, fresh and evolving unnderstanding of UK consumers.

Here is what we’ve learned, based on Attest research with 1000 UK consumers in August 2018.