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International Research

Growing across territories can be quite a challenge - you might know your current customers well, but there are entire markets that you need to understand in parallel.

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What is International Research?

International Research is a proven way to quantify the potential for your brand across markets, uncovering the mindset of consumers in different countries and territories, to mitigate against the inherent risk of expanding.

Attest International Research

Why do International Research on Attest?

Built for global businesses

You can set up a survey, clone it, and adapt it to a range of other markets to make sure you’re getting the most out of your precious time.

All languages in one place

In-platform translations mean there’s no more waiting around or endless back and forth. Translations are human, for maximum quality and localisation.

Wide and diverse audiences

With access to 100 million people in 80 different markets, you can reach any consumer group you want. Go out to specific markets and learn more about each markets’ distinguishing factors.

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I can't imagine the last couple of months without it to be honest. We've used Attest to make huge decisions about how we're going to create the right product for international audiences.

Head of Brand, Urban Massage

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