Webinar: What is Research Bias and How to Avoid It

4 years ago

Hear from Sam Killip on the key factors that could impact your research projects and how to navigate them.

Have you ever wondered how bias can infringe on even the most meticulous of research projects?

Impartial data. It should always be the goal of research, and the path to clear and insightful results – but avoiding bias in data isn’t always that easy. It could be hidden in the questions you ask, or even how you interpret the results.

So how do you navigate these hurdles during the research process? Join Sam Killip, Head of Customer Research at Attest, in a Webinar that walks you through how to plan your research strategy, from data collection to analysis, avoiding bias along the way.

You will learn:

  • How to select the right audience
  • How to structure questions to minimise bias
  • How to identify red flags and get the best out of your data
  • How to interpret results in an unbiased way

This is a whistle-stop tour of bias in research, designed to get you up to scratch or refresh your memory so you can squeeze the most insight out of your next research project.


If you have any questions about this webinar, please contact Lucy Chapman

Our speaker

Sam Killip

Sam Killip

Head of Customer Research at Attest

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