The wrong & the short of it: maximising the combined value of brand & performance

3 years ago

Tom Roach, VP Brand Planning at Jellyfish, leads this exclusive session on how to start to close the value-destroying divide between ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketing.

Long term ‘vs’ short term is probably the most commonly cited false choice in marketing.

Short-termism describes the irresistible pull towards fast action, response and, ultimately, sales. Long-termism, on the other hand, represents slow-burning efforts to change consumer behaviour and influence how they interact with your brand.

This binary debate often outlines the idea that success is to achieve a balanced approach of both in order to maximise saleability and sales simultaneously. 

However does this work in reality? 

Tom Roach, VP Brand Planning at Jellyfish leads this exclusive session, aiming to answer exactly that. 

Tom is one of the most awarded advertising strategists in the world, with multiple Gold IPA Effectiveness awards to his name.

Across his roster of clients, he sees a massive gulf between the theory of long-term vs short-termism and the actual practice, which is increasingly divided between practitioners of ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketing. He argues that the answer to this debate is actually ‘&’ not ‘Or’ and that both tactics are just wrong-termism.

Tom will discuss:

  • How to maximise the compound effects of getting both elements working together in harmony
  • How to start to close the value-destroying divide between ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketing. 
  • Why it’s essential to act now to stop limiting marketing effectiveness and brand growth, when we’ve never needed them more.

With 20+ years’ experience in some of the world’s best communications agencies, and an industry-wide reputation for championing the commercial impact of marketing communication and the value of creativity, this session with Tom is not to be missed.

Our speaker

Tom Roach

Tom Roach

VP Brand Planning at Jellyfish

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