Empowering a sustainable financial future

3 years ago

Join us, alongside Clim8 and Ziglu for this engaging panel discussion on the future of sustainable finance and how consumer data can keep you ahead of the curve.

We’ve joined forces with content marketing agency, Lemon Quarters, for a webinar focusing on the business benefits of sustainable finance methods and how marketing teams should reflect these changing consumer views.

Attest’s Head of Content, Sarah Hollinshead, joins a lively and engaging panel including Marketing Lead at Clim8, Ilona Sediha and Founder & CEO at Ziglu, Mark Hipperson.

They will cover the future of sustainable finance and the role cash, contactless, crypto & investments will have in the transition to net zero and how we can all make better choices for a greener planet.

We’ll also be diving into the exclusive results of our in-depth survey of consumer attitudes to sustainable payments and investments. This research analyses why financial brands need to understand their customers’ spending habits and preferences.

Plus the panel will dissect how companies collate, analyse and apply data to stay ahead of sustainable payments trends.

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Date & Time

Tue, 23 Nov 2021
Event start time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm GMT

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